Saturday, July 23, 2011

Monthly income

Real opportunities for people who want to earn a real monthly income.

Join them start bidding for various jobs and you won’t be disappointed.

No scams but hard work that pays. With these sites what you put in is what you get. They are free to join. Odesk will pay you by Money booker’s transfer, Elance will pay you by pay pal and money bookers and freelancer offers payment by Paypal or money bookers.

You have to become a member of these sites, and employers post the jobs that they want you to do, such as proofreading, content writing and more CHECK THE LIST BELOW. You bid on those jobs to get hired. Once you complete the task the employer pays the website, and the website pays you.

Paid jobs:

• Proofreading
• Translation
• Research
• Re-writing
• Resume writing
• Article writing
• Content writing
• Copywriting
• Website writing
• Book writing
• Ghostwriting
• Health writing
• Tech writing
• PR writing






Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pure profile

I am using a great service called pure profile. It is the world’s first real Reverse Search Engine,
which basically means you get to tell businesses exactly what you are looking to buy then
they do the searching for you and make you their best offers!

Businesses need your attention and feedback and pure profile makes sure they value it
because every time a business chooses to send you an offer or ask you a few questions,
you are instantly paid at least £0.50 to £1.00 - just for giving your opinion! Your privacy is
protected because pure profile ensures all your requests and responses are anonymous.

I think this could be the future of marketing because someone has finally created a
service that saves time and gives us the power of choice.
try it and let me know what you think

Uk members only